STARLINE - The Beach Boys on 45

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An introduction

Being a Dutchman myself, a Dutch section is inevitable of course. Finding Dutch Beach Boys singles is fairly easy in this country, although it is getting harder and harder to find real good quality sleeves, and the earliest pressing take some time to track down. The Netherlands had some interesting releases, especially a few sleeves are real beauties.

Most of the releases shown here are real Dutch pressings. There are a few exceptions. For instance the 1972 release of Mess Of Help is to be found with 2 different sleeves, one of them being a German print, but apparently specifically made for the Dutch market. But the hardest timeframe to determine whether it's a Dutch pressing or not is 1987-1989. In the late 80ies the labels often mention it's a E.E.C. release. Label or cover often additionally give an indication it's a German or even a French release. But one has to check the publishing company and the language that was used to make an rough guess. Between 1987 and 1989 one wonders if there were any Dutch pressings at all or if they were all imported from Germany of France. For instance Kokomo, #6 in the Dutch charts, is a common find in vinyl shops, but literally ALL pressings are "made in the E.E.C." and mention that it was fabricated in Germany.

Although most scans were from my personal collection, I was helped by a few others as well. A special thanks goes out to Michel from Da Capo Records in Utrecht who not only helped out a bit on scans of a rare Celebration single but also provided information on releasedates of the 60ies Capitol singles. And thanks to a Greek angel that flew, by the quality of pretty much all scans shown here was considerably improved.